BetterLesson Knovation's Spotlight: November 2017

Why It's Great

BetterLesson offers more than 16,000 lessons that can be browsed by academic standard (Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards), grade level, or subject.

The Learning Resources

Each BetterLesson lesson plan is extensive and detailed. The plans include a learning objective, keywords, which standards are met by the lesson, and a description of the main idea. Each lesson contains three parts: Introduction, Main Lesson, and Closure. The Introduction may include background information, resources needed, and possibly an explanation of a teaching technique or theory that may be employed. The Main Lesson is a step-by-step plan to follow and includes all the necessary resources such as helpful links, slideshows, and worksheets. The Closure gives ideas on how to check student learning and understanding of the objective either through discussion questions, a formal assessment, or a mini-conference.

In the Classroom

How is BetterLesson differ from other lesson plan s...

Information About BetterLesson

In partnership with the NEA, BetterLesson brings together over 130 brilliant, creative teachers in grades K-12 math, science and ELA to share lessons aligned to Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. These are not th...

Our favorites from BetterLesson

Here are just a few resources from BetterLesson that we think you'll love.

This unit covers quadratics. Topics included in this unit are graphing quadratic equations and factoring quadratics.

This unit sets out to train students in the skills needed to be a scientist. Measurement, observation and inference, and experimenting are the main topics and skills covered.

This unit explores the cultural, economic, and political environment of post-war America until the end of the Cold War in the late 1980's. The unit includes two themes which are broad and good for students who are being exposed to the subjects for the first time.

This unit contains lessons around different elements of theme and story for a short story.