Math Is Fun Knovation's Spotlight: February 2018

Why It's Great

Math is Fun offers mathematics in an enjoyable and easy-to-learn manner, believing that mathematics is fun.

In the Classroom

The Math is Fun home page is organized into Math strands for the earlier grades, and Algebra, Calculus, and Physics for older students. There are additional categories for puzzles, games, a dictionary, activities, and worksheets. There is also a Math Tools link to interactive tools and calculators, and an active forum for posting questions and sharing ideas – this does ask for user registration.

In addition to the general search feature, there are several other ways to search the site, such as using the index that is organized into age levels, by Common Core Standard, or by the site’s curriculum guide which aligns to international standards.

The Learning Resources

Math is Fun does not aim to provide lesson plans but rather to explain Math topics as clearly and explicitly as possible. And, the site does this with a wonderfully consistent approach and pa...

Information About Math Is Fun

Math Is Fun provides a wealth of resources that address the entire K-12 math curriculum. The resources are entirely free and do not require user registration. The site does use ads to pay for itself, but these are minimally distracting and may ...

Our favorites from Math Is Fun

Here are just a few resources from Math Is Fun that we think you'll love.

The resource consists of an activity that investigates the definition and graphing of the sine function.

Students learn the difference between weight and mass. Practice problems are included to check for comprehension of the concept.

A definition of skip counting followed by interactive examples and links to exercises that will help with skip-counting skills. Learn to skip count by 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, and backwards!

Students learn about the unit circle. Topics include degrees, radians, and Pythagoras' Theorem. The tutorial consists of notes and examples.