Poetry Foundation Knovation's Spotlight: April 2018

Why It's Great!

The Learning Resources

Poetry Foundation is an independent literary organization which seeks to immerse today’s culture in poetry from the youngest to the oldest. It offers poetry in both text and audio for all ages and all occasions, resource materials for parents and educators including poem guides and reviews, poems and videos for children 0-12, poems and articles about young adult poetry for ages 12-18, and teaching materials for all levels. It offers collections that fit almost any occasion, workshops, discussions, and events. Anyone can subscribe to the “Poem of the Day” delivered through a variety of media and “Poetry Now!” a four-minute radio series featuring a contemporary poet discussing and reading a poem. They can also subscribe to “Poetry Magazine” or view the current issue online.

In the Classroom

Teachers will enjoy the availability of 4,204 poets, both classic and contemporary, along with their poems and biographical information. They will be excited to use the education...

Information About Poetry Foundation

Although Poetry Foundation features 4,204 poets in its database, it is so much more than a poem or poet search engine. Poetry Foundation creates a climate for poetry by developing new audiences, creating new avenues for delivery, and encouragin...

Our favorites from Poetry Foundation

Here are just a few resources from Poetry Foundation that we think you'll love.

A collection of descriptive and metaphorical poems about baseball, including poems by Mae Swenson, John Updike, and William Carlos Williams, and, of course, "Casey at the Bat" by Ernest Lawrence Thayer.

This website contains a glossary with definitions of poetic terms and a bibliography of additional African-American poets and books and recommended reading. This PDF resource is a Teacher resource including a glossary.

A teacher or student may read and listen to Frost's classic poem, "The Road Not Taken" at this site.

A biographical resource on poet William Blake with an insightful look at his poems and their meanings. Includes links to the full text of many of his poems and a podcast entitled "A Discussion of Allen Ginsberg Singing Blake's 'The Garden of Love'".