Teaching Channel Knovation's Spotlight: July 2017

Why It's Great

Teaching Channel is a thriving online community where teachers can watch, share, and learn diverse techniques to help every student grow.

The Teaching Channel’s website is open to anyone (not just teachers) to search for strategies, Q&A conversations, and videos. However, to take part in discussions, comment on videos, take notes, or collect and share resources, a user account is necessary. Creating a user account is free and open to anyone.

The Teaching Channel whose tagline is "Getting Better Together" hosts almost 800 professionally produced videos of teachers in action, demonstrating new and useful best practices in their classrooms. The organization invites its members and school districts to recommend high performing teachers who should be featured. Teachers can also email the channel proposing to be a featured teacher. Teaching Channel Videos can be viewed online and are accompanied by the objectives and standards of the lesson, discussion questions and relevant materials, and informati...

Information About Teaching Channel

The Teaching Channel started in 2011 is a non-profit organization offering a multi-platform service delivering professional development videos for teachers over the Internet and on television. In addition to inspiring teachers through videos, T...

Our favorites from Teaching Channel

Here are just a few resources from Teaching Channel that we think you'll love.

This video discusses and demonstrates that any concept that can be broken down to basics can be taught. This is demonstrated with a class learning about global warming. Free registration is optional.

This video demonstrates the catch and release strategy: after whole class explanation, students are working in small groups. The teacher notices students tending toward off-task behaviors, calls for their attention and redirects them with questions as to the task at hand, and then they go back to work. Free registration is optional.

In this video segment, Fiona Hogg, a teacher trainer, lists the reflective elements of an effective plenary, or wrap-up lesson, which could be applied to any course of study. Plenary tips are also given to enhance teachers' reflectiveness and student engagement regarding the end of a lesson. Free registration is optional. [Requires Adobe Flash Player.]

This video provides an overview of the "Read Like a Historian" teaching strategy. Students begin with a fundamental question and use the inquiry approach by exploring original documents to find the answer. It includes analyzing the reliability of the sources, using contextualization of the period, and corroborating the information. Free registration is optional.